Posted by: robotnews | April 6, 2007

Cleanroom Robots

Basic Description

The LR Mate 200iB and M-6iB are the latest generation FANUC cleanroom robots.The LR Mate 200iB and M-6iB are six-axis, modular construction, AC electric servo-driven robots. They are optimized for operation in sensitive, contamination-controlled environments and occupy minimal floor space. Designed for superior performance in manufacturing and lab applications, both robots provide high throughput, industry-leading reliability, and sophisticated motion control for gentle part handling. Unlike “canister” form factor robots, the LR Mate 200iB and M-6iB can move along three-dimensional curved paths and approach any position from virtually any direction. Both models and their predecessors have an installed base in the tens of thousands.
The Solutions for:
1. Material handling
2. Machine tending
3. Assembly
4. Clean injection mold extraction
5. Dispensing

Industries served
1. Semiconductor
2. Magnetic media (hard drives, audio/videotapes)
3. Optical media (CDs, DVDs)
4. Laboratory automation
5. Medical devices
12.Clean plastics,1369,Robots+by+Application.html

—By U036546A Wu Lihua


  1. it seems it really helps a lot in cleanroom. that is very good, since many things in cleanroom are poisonous.

    by U037157M Yi Jinzhou

  2. Yes, yes. I totally agree with you. I would like to have a cleanroom robots if i can afford to buy one in the future!As they have good cleaning performance, efficient,no complaints,ects..hehe.
    by U036546A
    Wu Lihua

  3. “It can move along three-dimensional curved paths and approach any position from virtually any direction”. That sounds great to me. I would like to see how it did that. But it is indeed great.
    By U037130N Li Chao

  4. Cleanroom robots are very important in the wafer manufacturing foundries.In such places the manufacturing of chips require a very clean enviroment and although humans are adorned in cleanroom suits, they are still the source of most of the paticles in the cleanroom.Humans also suffer from fatigue being in a clean room due to the very dry environment.Therefore, having robots do the tasks humans do will lead to greater efficiency in the long run.
    Prakash S/O Yanaprakasam

  5. I think it is really a blessing to have the Cleanroom Robots whether for houses cleaning or in the industrial area, as they play an important role in their job!
    U036546A Wu Lihua

  6. It is definitely a great idea to have a cleanroom robot. However I think it will be better if they can make it into a small and flat robot such that it can clean places like under the bed or sofa.

    by U036584N
    Wu Zhenyu

  7. As cleanroom production costs tumble and those pesky quantum mechanics are sorted out a bit better, it will be fun to see MEMS compete with robots for most intriguing technology in my mind. Or we could just have nanorobots…

  8. April 14, 2007 1:55 PM by Kevin Brown NT0601428

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