Posted by: robotnews | April 11, 2007

Security Home Robot from Korea

A new sophisticated robot will be able to guard your home around the clock and keep you informed on what’s happening in the house through your handset even when you are far away.

The 50-centimeter tall and 12-kilogram machine was developed through partnerships with venture start-up Mostitech after years of intensive work.

In case of emergencies, like fire or lethal gas leakage, the robot’s sensors will detect any potential dangers and the camera-eyed robot will be programmed to snap pictures of the situation and send them with a message to a designated person’s cell phone.

Also, when unexpected visitors enter a home, the robot will transmit pictures of them coupled with contingency messages. To gather further information, the recipient can order the robot to survey the suspicious situation or persons through a cell phone or Internet.

The battery-operated robot, which moves around on wheels and recharges itself when its batteries run low, will also function as a caretaker and house sitter for kids, as the robot can even read a book.

This robots retails at $850, and this is relatively cheaper compared to its peers from Japan Wakamaru of Mitsubishi and Banryu of Sanyo. ( as their prices hover above $10,000 )

Chwa Hock Chuan

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  1. I am not very sure if people will make a robot read a book for their kids. But to have this system in your house can be of great benefit – just in case you only want to leave for a few minutes when you have to take care of somebody.
    Nevertheless, for marketing I would rather emphasize the “lack-of-knowledge” aspect: “Do you really know what is going on on your property when on holiday?”/ “Have you locked the door?”/ “Still everything safe?”
    I believe that especially elderly people will be responsitive to such a campaign.

    Walther Schulze, NT061333Y

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